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Let our posture corrector be part of your healthier life: Our posture corrector helps you regain proper posture which can help to prevent the onset of back, neck and shoulder pain. Our posture corrector helps provide alignment while sitting, standing,...

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  • Let our posture corrector be part of your healthier life: Our posture corrector helps you regain proper posture which can help to prevent the onset of back, neck and shoulder pain. Our posture corrector helps provide alignment while sitting, standing, lying down or during your other daily activities. Proper posture is important for all ages and is essential for living a productive life
  • Regain your confidence with good posture: Our posture corrector can help with even long-standing poor posture. Wearing our posture corrector promotes self-awareness of your posture that over time will help you develop muscle memory to keep your back straight.
  • Comfortable, adjustable and easy to use: While other posture correctors dig into your armpits hurting your skin or are uncomfortable after only a short period of time, our posture corrector is designed for comfort. Our brace is unisex and fits chest sizes ranging from 30 to 43 inches. Begin using your posture corrector for 20-30 minutes a day and gradually increase to 1-2 hours daily.
  • Premium quality soft and breathable fabric: Featuring strong but lightweight breathable washable materials means you will stay cool while improving your posture.
  • Undetectable under clothes: No need to feel self-conscious about wearing a posture brace. The latex-free adjustable design is discreet enough to wear under your shirt or blouse. You can wear our premium posture corrector while at work, home or out for a night on the town

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Customer Reviews

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Keith Alexander


Clayton Sweeney
Correct your Posture

Easy to use, comfortable to wear. Provides fast support from lower back pain and helps to correct the way you hold your shoulders up.

Fits Perfectly and Comfortable to Wear!

The posture corrector is a little awkward to put on but for me it was very comfortable to wear! It is totally customizable for whatever size you are. I feel so much taller wearing the posture corrector as I am now standing up straight! I bought it to avoid getting a "dowager's hump" since I now tend to slouch. I am recommending this to my daughter as I now notice her slouching! It is supportive, comfortable and provides pain relief for me!

Charlotte T.
It Works

I had my doubts when I ordered, but so glad I went ahead and pushed the "buy" button. My lower neck had started hurting and each time I straightened up, pulled my shoulders back, I felt better. Immediately upon receiving the brace, I could tell a difference. Try it, you have nothing to lose but your bad posture at the amazingly low price. True winner. I am going to get my sister one as well.


Pretty standard but comfortable. no complaints.

Katheryn Giovanni
Works Well

This item does correct your posture when wearing it, but it does take a little bit getting used to it so I understand why it says only to wear it for a few hours at a time until your body adjust to it. It seems to live up to its clean so I would recommend it to others who have a problem with slouching.


I can’t speak on support or pain relief and I couldn’t wear it more than 2 days.The fit itself was digging into my arm pits and creating a rash.I adjusted it multiple times to try and get a fit similar to the image but either my build is not made for it or the structure of the brace was not a one size fits all. Either way it looks as if it could work but on me it just cut into the wrong park of my under arm and I couldn’t wear it more than 2 days.

Burgundy Hubert
Not quite enough

Just felt like I was wearing a sports bra. No back support at all.

Helps with my migraines

I am always looking for new migraine relief products. I came across this and I’m glad I did! I’d been having horrible neck pain and this is a hit. I’d say 85% of the time I wear it, it knocks out the pain. Other times it’s too far gone, but at least doesn’t get works. It’s also easy to wash and didn’t seem to wear away at the Velcro at all. The only complaint would be I wish it helped all the time, but that’s not the products issue, that’s my migraines! Definitely recommend for posture and muscle strains.

Paul Vejjajiva
Did nothing for me.

Very uncomfortable and for me it did nothing.

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